Online Jobs for Teens

Best Online Jobs For Teens

There are various jobs that you can consider. Your choices will be based on; amount of time you can work, your skills and your interests among others. There is however enough work for everyone.

1. You can be paid to do online surveys

Many companies are eager to get information on their existing and new products. The information needs to be derived from different and actual individuals who are consumers of their products. These individuals should be willing to give their views and opinion about the product being surveyed.

Information received is used in making changes to ensure the product meets the consumer’s needs. It is also used in designing new marketing plans and also learning of changes in the customer’s preference. These companies therefore recruit people to do online research and thereafter pay for this service. You are paid for all the survey samples that you complete.

You therefore sign up with such sites by giving information on your age and where you live among other relevant information. Survey companies will thereafter send you surveys and you will get payments for giving your opinions.

Payments vary form gift vouchers to cash payments. The gift vouchers are redeemable at given outlets. You however have an option of selecting the survey companies that pay in a mode that is favorable to you. Some companies also give out some of their products and require you to give your opinion on the
product. To increase your income you need to sign up for many survey companies.

CashCrate is a survey site that I would recommend to you. In this site you make money by taking surveys, completing offers, reading emails, playing games or shopping online. Other website that is reputable and has a lot of positive reviews online is InboxDollars.

You can join both for free and later decide which one you like best.

2. Be paid to write articles

The online writing market is big and covers all subjects including computers, pets, rocket science and phones. Most sites are free while others have requirements like you doing tests to enable them grade your linguistic abilities. Other sites require you to upload academic certificates in order to verify
your level of education. Some other sites allow people to sign up and start working on their preferred areas but they are rated based on their work performance. The rating affect payments and volumes of work offered at a given time. You should therefore ensure that you provide high quality work in order
to rise in the rank.

Join and start offering article writing gigs. Click here for a great ebook on how to start successful Fiverr business. Although this ebook is not free but it’s well worth it.

3. Setting up an affiliate marketing website

Affiliates sell products on behalf of other people and they receive payment for that. The concept originated from the fact that most people prefer buying products from people they know and trust. Makers of most goods hence allowed other people to sell goods on their behalf.

An affiliate marketer is given an affiliate link that contains a special code which identifies the individual. Customers who visit the site and click on the link while buying products are registered and the affiliate earns credit for all sales and is hence paid a commission. The amount of commission given varies
with companies with some even offering a 75% commission on the sale price.

For you to benefit from this you need to set up a website that is appealing and trusted by the customers. The website should hence be good and have quality content. This will ensure that any advice you give to customers about a product is followed and hence they purchase the product. It is important to market
products that you have used and found satisfactory, this will enable you address any issues that the customers might be facing in purchasing the products.

These sites have created millionaires, but to get there is need for hard work at the initial stages but after first successes the roles reduce. You need to first research on what you want to market and then plan on how to increase visitors to your site.

Check MarketHealth website. It’s a well known company and they provide step by step instructions on how to start an affiliate website plus they have ready made website templates so you can have your own website in no time.

4. Writing academic essays to get paid.

This opportunity is most favorable for the teenagers who are in school. Many websites exist that give work to individuals who can write papers and essays.

Unlike other works this ones has strict guidelines that must be followed including methods of citing the sources of information and the styles used in writing.

You can do an internet search for such sites if you are willing and able to work in order the strict regulations. The applicants are thoroughly assessed to ensure that those picked are quality people. These sites require committed people who are good at meeting deadline. You can therefore sign up if you are a
good time keeper but otherwise it is advisable that you search for other sites.

5. Setting up an online store or shop

The internet provides all resources free. As a teenager you can create your own working opportunity by opening an online shop in which you can sell all the products in your possession that you no longer use. To be successful in these you need to establish a payment system which will be used by the buyers to pay
for their purchases. You therefore need to get into contact with one of the companies involved in online payment services, credit cards or other forms of payments.

You also need to come up with ways in which the product will reach the customers safely and on how you will keep your customers’ financial information confidential. There are Merchant account providers whose services will ensure security of your customers and hence with your services you can start up your
business and make money (PayPal for example).

I would suggest that you start with MarketHealth as affiliate and after some time, when you gain more knowledge you can open your own online shop.

6. Making money by playing online games

All teenagers love having fun, playing games is one of the ways that teenagers have fun. Currently there are very many online portals that offer free and latest games. You should know that there are very many websites that pay people to play games and hence you will get paid to have fun. This sites pay based
on how good one is in the games, that is, the better in games the higher the payments. In most cases the amounts given are not much but it is better than none.

Check this page >>

7. Being an Online Tutor

To become an online tutor you need to use some technologies to set up. These technologies include software that enhances preparation of presentations, a webcam and consultation. With the set up in place you will be able to offer your skills to others for a fee. You can make good use of skills in foreign
languages, kid tutoring to enable them improve their grades in subjects like chemistry. The best thing with this method is that it has no geographical or time barriers.

8. Offering freelance graphic design and programming among others. is one of many websites where you can sell your skills in designing, graphics and transcribing among others. To succeed in these sites you need to offer high quality services that will enable you compete favorably and ensure high demand for your services. High quality also gives you a high bargaining power for higher prices in your services.


If this article aroused your interest and created curiosity, it is advisable that you carry out thorough research in order to determine what suits you in these opportunities. You should remember of the thousand scammers and hence be on the loom out for suspicious sites. You should also be prepared to try and experiment different sites until you get to that which pleases you most.

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